For Every Student

Dianne cares deeply about our Fremont community. If elected, she will work to address the overcrowding crisis and increase facilities capacity, attract and retain quality educators and support
staff, and ensure that our schools are inclusive and safe for every student in FUSD. As a school board trustee, she will pledge to work with parents, educators, administrators, support staff, and students to address our challenges and build on our strengths. Every student in FUSD deserves support and educational opportunities  to empower them to pursue further education, enter the job market, and become engaged citizens and community members. 


  • State of the Art Facilities: Every FUSD student deserves state of the art schools to prepare them for the 21st century workforce.  FUSD schools are overcrowded, and I will work to pursue long range solutions including a new facilities bond while ensuring remaining Measure E funds are spent wisely.
  • Highly Qualified Educators and Support Staff: Every FUSD student deserves highly qualified teachers and staff who can afford to live in the community and whose expertise is valued.  I will work to increase general fund revenue by demanding state lawmakers properly fund education and pursue local revenue  that aligns with surrounding communities.
  • Safe and Inclusive Schools: Every FUSD student deserves to attend schools where they feel valued and accepted.  Fremont’s diversity is a strength to be celebrated with inclusive curriculum.  FUSD is a high performing district, and I will work to close achievement gaps so we serve all of our students equitably.  Our schools must also be physically safe and prepared for emergencies and disasters.


Dianne has the support of many elected officials, organizations, and community members. Check out who's supporting Dianne Jones for School Board in 2018!

Support Dianne Jones for School Board

There are many ways to support Dianne Jones in 2018!  Whether it's attending a coffee talk, walking Fremont neighborhoods, phoning Fremont voters, or placing a lawn sign on your Fremont property, we have a lot of work to do before Election Day in November. We're also greatly appreciative of donations made to get Dianne elected to the Fremont School Board.


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